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Using our extensive database of more than 16,000 U.S. golf courses and our intuitive user interface, golfers can easily find and compare courses, they can view course ratings and read reviews posted by other avid golfers, they can obtain driving directions to any course, and they can even access detailed weather forecasts to help them plan their day. Golfers can even utilize our powerful “Search Places Nearby” tool to find hotels, restaurants, ATMs, supermarkets and more. Essentially, we’ve made it easy for golfers to get any golf-related information they want, when they want it!
So what are you waiting for? Get signed up today! It’s always free and takes just a few seconds using your Facebook or Twitter account. But if you prefer, you can create an account directly with us. As a registered member, you can rate and post comments about any golf course. You can also use our connections to Facebook and Twitter to challenge your friends to a round of golf, let them know about upcoming events or specials, or you can simply share your game with them. And if you prefer to communicate with your friends via email, we got you covered their too!
Do you own or manage a golf course? If so, our effective and affordable memberships allow you to showcase your course to avid golfers by posting pictures of your facilities and links to your course videos. Remember, golfers visit PublicCourses to find and compare golf courses–show them what your course has to offer!
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